Transportation Federal Credit Union Participates in Take Your Child to Work Day Event at the Department of Transportation

Washington, DC (April 26, 2024): Transportation Federal Credit Union (TFCU) participate in the annual Take Your Child to Work Day event, hosted at the Department of Transportation headquarters in Washington, DC. This event, aimed at fostering educational experiences about transportation for children, offered an ideal platform for TFCU to highlight its commitment to financial education and youth financial wellness.

At the event, TFCU representatives engaged with parents to discuss the importance of teaching children about financial responsibility from an early age. TFCU emphasized its dedication to empowering young minds through its Youth Account offerings tailored to meet the financial needs of children twenty-one and younger.

“Instilling financial literacy in children is a crucial step towards ensuring their future financial well-being,” said Briana Evans, Marketing Manager at Transportation Federal Credit Union. “At TFCU, we believe in providing educational resources and practical tools to help parents teach their children about saving, budgeting, and the value of money.”

As part of its outreach efforts, TFCU distributed educational materials designed to make learning about finances fun and accessible for children. Additionally, TFCU presented a Jeopardy game centered around financial wellness and money management. “We were thrilled to see the enthusiasm among the children as they learned about money management and savings,” said Sharmaine Bucknor, Chief Marketing Officer at Transportation Federal Credit Union. “Events like Take Your Child to Work Day provide an excellent opportunity for us to connect with families and reinforce our commitment to promoting financial literacy among youth.”

Transportation FCU remains persistent in its mission to empower members of all ages to achieve their financial goals. Through initiatives like the Take Your Child to Work Day event, TFCU continues to make strides in nurturing financial wellness within the community.

Transportation Federal Credit Union was founded in 1939 to provide financial services to the transportation community. The organization has grown to serve over 14,000 members throughout the county. With over $280 million in assets, the organization welcomes active, retired, military personnel or contractors of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Department of Maritime Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Railroad Association, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as well as 100+ employer groups to open an account. For more information about the organization or to become a member, visit www.TransFCU.org or call 202.366.9400.