Earn More for Your Money

With a Money Market Share account, you can start earning more to achieve your financial goals.

Take Advantage Of:

Dividends to Help Realize Your Financial Goals

Additional Coverage with
Excess Share Insurance

Tiered Rates That Could Help You Earn More With Every Deposit

Money Market Share Account

We can help you reach your financial destination. All you need is $2,500 to get started. 

  • Tiered rates that could help you earn more with every deposit
  • Dividends paid monthly
  • Up to 3 minimum $500 withdrawals

We enjoy simplifying your finances. Automatic transfers are yet another way to do that. Similar to personalized payments or bill pay, automatic transfers pay anyone a set amount on any day of the month you like. You can even pay yourself, with automatic transfers from one account to another. It’s the perfect way to set aside money for the holidays or a vacation.

Sending money to someone in another state or another country is easy with wire transfers. Just complete the wire transfer and wire agreement forms, print them out, and stop by any branch or contact us to get started. Please note: wire transfers within the U.S. will be sent the same day if we receive your request by  2:00 p.m. EST. There is a nominal fee for sending a wire transfer, but no charge for receiving one.

Utmost appreciation for Transportation FCU! For over 40 years they’ve been there for myself and my family through all of the life changes.

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