Fee Schedule

Account Maintenance (per month) $2.001
Automatic Overdraft Transfer from Savings (limit 3 per month) $2.00
Inactive Account – Per Month (no activity in 6 months) $10.00
Dormant Account (inactive 3 consecutive years) $25.00
Excess Share Withdrawals (over 3 per month)$5.002
IRA Early Withdrawal (if less than age 59 ½)$35.00
IRA Maintenance (per year if balance is under $250)$35.00
Overdrawn Account (per transaction)$35.00
Cancelled Check Copy$5.00
Bill Payment Stop Payment Fee$35.00
Bill Payment Return$35.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF – paid/unpaid per item)$35.00
Stop Payment (per item or check series)$35.00
Temporary Checks – Per Checks (4 checks per page)$2.00
Transaction Fees -Foreign ATM$3.003
Replacement Card$10.00
VISA Debit Card – Overnight Mailing$25.00
Gold Card – Annual Fee*$20.00
Platinum & Platinum Secured Annual FeeNONE
Platinum with Rewards Annual Fee*$25.00
Mailed Credit Card Statement$5.00
VISA Credit Card – Overnight Mailing$25.00
Account Reconciliation of Research (per hour, 1.2 hr. min)$35.00
ACH Returns (NSF – paid/unpaid)$35.00
Account Paper Statement$5.00
Account Transaction Printout (in branch)NONE
Returned Mail Per Instance$5.00
Collection Items$15.00
Concorde Account (Monthly, only if less than $10,000 combined share and or loan balances)$10.00
Deposit Item Returns (third party)$35.00
Deposit Verification (third party)$20.00
Duplicate Lien Release (Auto, boat, RV, motorcycle, etc.)$10.00
Express Account (Monthly, only if less than $1,000 combined share balances)$7.00
Phone Assisted Payment Transfer/Payment Request$5.00
Loan Payment (third party online)$4.95
Money Orders$1.50
Money Orders Stop Payment$35.00
Non-Member Check Cashing Fee$5.00
Notary Fee (non-member per notary)$5.00
Notary Fee (real estate documents per notary)$5.00
Official Checks (third party)$5.00
Official Check Copies$5.00
Official Check Stop Payments$35.00
Signature Guarantee$25.00
Premiere50 (Monthly, only if less than $20,000 in combined share and/or loan balances or less than $15,000 in combined balances with Direct Deposit)$15.00
Real Estate Loan Modification Fee$350.00
Skip a Payment (applicable loans)$35.00
Speed Pay Per Loan (loan payments)$5.00
Subordination Fee$250.00
Incoming Wire Non-Writ of Attachment/Levy/Garnishment$5.00
Verification of Deposit/Mortgage$25.00
Wire Transfer (domestic)$25.00
Wire Transfer (international)$40.00
Incoming Wire Non-Writ of Attachment/Levy/GarnishmentNONE
Writ of Attachment/Levy/Garnishment$75.00
Duplicate Lien Release$20.00
Money Orders$1.50
Official Checks (third party)$5.00

* Fee waived if participating in Express, Concorde, Premiere 50 and Advantage Circle Plus accounts.
 1 A $2 fee will be charged each month, beginning at the end of the second year after opening the account. This fee will be waived if, by that time, you maintain a minimum combined daily balance of $250 throughout the month in combined share and checking balances, or if you have a loan or VISA. The account maintenance fee is also waived if you are under 22 years of age or participate in the Concorde, Express, or Premiere50 account package.  
 2 Includes each Share Savings withdrawal in excess of three per month: applies to over-the-counter, DOTTIE, Account Access, and mail withdrawals only; does not affect ATM withdrawals or transfers from savings to checking or loans. Members who maintain a minimum $2,000 Share Savings balance are exempt.  
 3 A fee may be imposed by the owner of the ATM.  


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